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Steinar has been illustrating as a freelance artist since the 1980s.
This includes work in the areas of animation, editorial, education, packaging, publishing, music, video games and the web.
His artwork was originally rendered with acrylics and inks using a combination of airbrush, brushes and erasers, now he works digitally in Photoshop.
The style ranges from photo illustration to a traditional airbrush look. His main areas of expertise are food illustration, realistic and photorealistic illustration. He has also developed a Fantasy & Gothic portfolio presenting artwork of a more dark and edgy nature to reflect his interest in dreams and the supernatural. He is represented by Illustration.

Photography is an essential part of creating realistic artwork and Steinar is continually adding to a library of photographic images.

Since his early teenage years music has been an essential part of his life, from secretly listening to the radio under the bed covers to going to concerts and festivals to supporting his friends when they started a band. When Steinar inherited an accordion he was thrilled to be able to part exchange it for a Crumar DS2 synthesiser and do his own music.  After some years of adding more equipment and indulging in electronic noodling he made contact with NorthStar Music. He was commissioned to produce various albums based on Spiritual themes to be part of the NorthStar Lifestyle catalogue. The albums are available from iTunes and NorthStar Music.

Recently Steinar has become involved with video, both filming and editing. 

Steinar now has a studio space at The Sorting Office so he can revisit creating artwork using traditional techniques.